Recent Posts

  1. Firmware Part 3

    Capacity measurement

  2. Firmware Part 2

    Doing the measurements

  3. Getting the parts

    Ordering and prices

  4. XMEGA, ASF and TWI/I2C

    Getting TWI and I2C running with the Atmel ASF and XMEGA

  5. Sensor setup

    Assembly options and sensor setup

  6. Firmware Part 1

    Start with the Software

  7. Hardware assembly

    Assemble the REV_B board and errata

  8. XMEGA32E5

    Using the Atmel XMEGA32E5

  9. New Revision_B board ready

    The next revision of the sensor board is ready.

  10. Adding Processing support

    Using the serial interface with Processing

  11. First test flight

    First test flight with a flight log

  12. Initial Upload

    This was the starting point for the GitHub repository!