Initial Upload

Oct 28, 2014

This was the starting point for the GitHub repository!

The prototype of the spektel-sensor passed its first successful tests. The revision A layout and corresponding code is up on GitHub.

Please be aware, that REV_A had several faults on the board. So the Bosch BMP180 sensor won’t work, because I didn’t read the datasheet correctly.

After learning Eagle PCB, a software I can recommend to everybody, I spend some nights to find the Eagle libraries for the parts I wanted to use and create the layout. At the end I was little impatient to order the PCB (printed circuite board) at a board manufacturer. I chose a little one, who did a great job etching and drilling the board.

But I found several bugs in the layout. So I used a exacto hobby knife, some lacquered copper wire and fixed it. As a mostly software guy I had to learn that a hardware bug can’t be fixed that fast. And ordering a new board takes some days and money. so in the future I will print the board layout on paper and go through all components and wires.