Adding Processing support

Nov 02, 2014

Using the serial interface with Processing

2014-11-02: Added support for RealtimePlotter and arduplot

I learned, that the main part on building a sensor is the software to grind and polish the signals read from the hardware sensor. In this case it was the Allegro ACS758LCB-100U hall effect current sensor.

So I read about digital filtering and use 3 cascaded the Moving Average algorithm to smooth the sensor reading.

1 //filter use in main.c
2 AddToFloatAvg(&cur_filter1, (cur_mea_val));
3 AddToFloatAvg(&cur_filter2, GetOutputValue(&cur_filter1));
4 AddToFloatAvg(&cur_filter3, GetOutputValue(&cur_filter2));
5 cur_adc_res[act] = (GetOutputValue(&cur_filter3));

Each filter has 9 readings. For details see src/floating_average.h and .c files.

By testing I used the DX9 transmitter, recorded to the SD card and read that using the TLM Reader. This was a long procedure. Since I already put a header with the Rx, Tx serial pins on the board it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to show some output on the Mac using the Processing tools.

I found two great serial monitors based on Processing. Please see the RealtimePlotter and Arduplot. Thanks to their contributors. Just uncomment the lines in the config/conf_board.h file.